O závodu

Organizátorem akce je agentura Michael Fiala Motor-Sports. Více informací najdete na webu pořadatele.

The main program consists of free practice. Two races will be held on the second day of the event.
For safety reasons the race for less experienced racers will be carried out with a rolling start; the second race will be carried out with the standing start MotoGP starting procedure for experienced racers only.
Qualifying times will be taken from the best lap times of the first day of the event.

The organizer observes safety at first. Therefore no effort is spared to check everyone’s motorcycle on the most important issues like breaks, steering, and suspension. Most hobby racers prepare their motorcycles themselves for use on the race track. But very few of them are professional mechanics. Incorrectly assembled motorcycles are not uncommon. The technical acceptance shall help to protect riders from a serious malfunction on their motorcycles.


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