Spectator zones

Thinking about the best seating during Grand Prix Czech Republic? Take a virtual walk through all the stands and choose a place that will suit you best. There is really a wide range of good views to be had and each  part of the track has something to offer.

Banked Area A

The first natural stand becomes a unique camping site during Grand Prix.

All the motorbikers who want to enjoy the race without worrying about transport and accommodation are welcome here. There is also a big screen in front of this stand.

More information about CAMP A tickets can be found in the ticket section.

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Banked Area B

This natural stand B is adjacent to the entrance to the fifth curve which comes after a steep descent. The pilots must be braking while entering the turn.

There are all the basic facilities for fans at this stand: Toilets, refreshments, basic merchendise.

However, be aware that there is no big screen in front of this banked area.

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Grandstand T1

This stand is located in a very attractive zone called Stadium situated right opposite stand C. It offers great views to all fascinating parts of the track, plus there is a big screen right at the front.

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Grandstand T6

The T6 grandstand is located in the popular area of the so-called Stadium, i.e. opposite the natural stand C. The T6 grandstand is oriented to the drive-in part of the Stadium.

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Banked Area C

If you really want to make sure you get the best view, you won´t miss it at banked area C. It is the most popular stand on the grounds and there are sufficient reasons for this: It gives a spectacular view of four curves within the Stadium area. The pilots keep overtaking here so it is considered a very interesting viewing area.

The banked area offers many refreshment stands, big choice of merchendise, toilets and up to four large screen displays.

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Grandstand T4

The T4 grandstand is located at the exit of the spectator’s popular area of the Stadium, opposite the banked area C. It provides a great view of the stadium exit and a large-screen display opposite.

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Banked Area D

Banked area D is descending alongside the racing track up to so called Schwantz´s corner, named after the legendary American racer who had died there and his bike had burnt down.

Northwestern part of this stand provides a fascinating view of the last two turns of the Stadium. From the southeastern part you can see the riders entering the tricky Schwantz´s corner.

At Grand Prix spectators can also watch two large screens here.

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Banked area E

Banked area E is located right opposite the Schwantz´s Curve. It gives a view to the lowest point of the track and two closest turns. There is also a large screen at this stand.

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Banked area F

You have to taste these panoramas! Banked area F partly consists of stone steps that offer a pleasant seating area.

From the banked area F there is an excellent view of a pair of corners before the final climb. It is one of the crucial sections of the racetrack. If the pilot finds the best track and does not lose speed, he can gain valuable extra time in the next climb.

During the Grand Prix there is a large screen opposite the banked area F.

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Banked area G

Banked area G is situated along the whole final part of the ascent up to two final turns and main finish straight.

From the lower part the spectators might see fights before the ascent and from the upper part they can watch pilots entering the last pair of turns.

During the Grand Prix there is a large screen opposite the banked area.

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Grandstand T3

The most popular grandstand of Brno Circuit. Thanks to the roof which protects the visitors from both the sun and rain it provides higher standard of comfort. The Grandstand offers a great view of the starting grid and the winner podium.

Down under the grandstand there is a refreshment stand and opposite the grandstand there is a large screen. The ticket can be used also for all the natural stands.

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Grandstand T5

This grandstand is placed right opposite the boxes and therefore the spectators never get bored because in addition to the race they can also watch racing teams in boxes. During big races a large screen is arranged opposite this stand.

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Grandstand T2

T2 stand is situated in the area of the start and the finish of the racetrack with the great view of the first turn, a large screen and boxes. The ticket for this stand with seats is also valid for all the natural stands, pass through the grounds and shopping zone.

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