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History of the Brno Circuit

History of the Brno Circuit

The Brno Circuit, also known as the Masaryk Circuit, has a colourful history which goes back more than eighty years. It is a history that has given, and continues to give, Brno an important place in the world of motorsports.

The first automobile races were held on the original Masaryk Circuit in the 1930´s. Racing drivers such as Caracciola, Nuvolari and Chiron took up the challenge on the difficult track. In 1965, the Masaryk Circuit was include in the road racing world championship calendar for the first time. The road circuit was finally closed at the end of 1986. Motorsports resumed in 1987 upon the completion of the all new Masaryk Circuit which was opened to great excitement.

The popularity of world championship races is still rising. Live TV coverage and footage has brought the thrill of the chase to millions of spectators around the globe. The magic and the electricity of the atmosphere at world renowned race tracks like Brno not only attracts spectators but also the promoters of many foreign motorcycle and automobile club events. Many pilots of important FIA sanctioned automobile series meet here.