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e-ticket - frequently asked questions

Automotodrom Brno has begun operating its new booking system. This new interface for purchasing tickets is more user-friendly, and enables customers to find the tickets that best suit their needs. If you are a newcomer to the site or if you have only used the old system, you can use the following instructions when booking.

Are you having problems logging in? We are sorry, registered client data migration between the old and new ticket system was not technically possible. We kindly ask you that you register again.



  1. On the page with the price-list, click On-line Sales.
  2. Choose your ticket and put it in the basket.
  3. Check the quantity of items booked and the selected currency (choose your currency by clicking on CZK or EUR on the top bar). If you want to make any changes you will have to Update the new data.
  4. You can register yourself in the step Customer Details – any registrations made in previous years will no longer function here. You can also opt to book without registration, or simply sign in if you are already registered.
    ATTENTION! When filling out your obligatory details, the data you enter must be valid – especially the email address to which your tickets will be sent.
    Do you need an invoice for your booking? In the step Customer Details, fill in the ID number of the organisation to which the invoice should be issued and write ISSUE INVOICE into the box headed Notes.
  5. Choose the payment method – here you also have the opportunity to change the currency in which payment for the booking will be made.
  6. In the step Final Check, you can check the accuracy of all the information you have entered, including the quantity and type of tickets booked. Declare your consent to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale by marking the box and click on Confirm Booking. Your booking is now entered into the system.
  7. An email will be sent to you at the entered address, confirming that your booking has been accepted and providing bank account details.
  8. As soon as your payment has been received in full, an email will be sent to you at the entered address notifying the receipt of payment. The email will also contain a link to the tickets you have booked. A unique link is created for each ticket. Ensure that the email is kept safe in case you need to reprint the tickets in future.
  9. Print out your tickets using the prescribed A4 format. Reducing the ticket size may render the bar code unreadable. Tickets can be printed out both in colour and black and white. When printing tickets, please ensure that the final print quality is good – especially in the area around the bar codes.
  10. Please store your tickets in a safe place and make sure they cannot be copied.

How tickets will be checked at the Brno Circuit

Tickets purchased through the e-shop come in the form of an e-ticket bearing a unique bar code, which is checked when entering the circuit.

Tickets are checked using bar code readers. Each ticket bears a unique code, and once it has been read at the entrance, the visitor is admitted to the site. The bar code reader stores the code and simultaneously tells all the other bar code readers online around the perimeter that the visitor has now been admitted onto the site.

The aim of the system is to clear visitors through the gates more quickly, to increase convenience when purchasing tickets and also lower the cost of printing and distributing tickets – thanks to which we are able to keep entrance fees on a par with previous years.

The sale of tickets in the form of e-tickets is common at numerous sporting and cultural events.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I don’t want to buy over the internet. Can I buy a ticket somewhere in person?

Yes, either at Automotodrom Brno itself, or at the presale ticket offices. Tickets will naturally also be on sale from the usual sale points at the Brno Circuit shortly before the event starts. Tickets bought in person will contain a hologram.

Can I buy a ticket from someone who is advertising it for sale?

You can, but you are taking a relatively large risk. Anyone who buys a ticket officially can print out as many copies as they wish, and sell every copy as an original. We would not recommend under any circumstances buying tickets from unknown persons, especially those offering a large number of tickets.

What if I want to leave the circuit area during the day and come back later?

Present your ticket to security when leaving the site. They will scan once more the ticket’s bar code and ‘deduct’ the ticket in question. After that, you can re-enter the site using the same ticket whenever you wish.

What will happen if they tell me at the entrance checkpoint that someone has already entered the site on my ticket?

If you bought the ticket yourself from an official advance ticket office or from the AMD Brno e-shop, then the chance of this happening is zero. This situation can only occur if a copy exists of the same ticket which someone else has used to gain access to the site before you. In such case security will not be able to allow you to enter the site.

What sort of format should I use to print out the ticket before entering?

Printing it in black and white on standard paper is fine. The important thing is the ticket’s bar code, all other details are not essential at checkpoints.

What happens if my ticket gets destroyed while I am staying at the circuit; for example, it gets soaked and disintegrates?

You can just print off the same ticket the day after.

Does it matter what gate I use when accessing the site?

No, your point of entrance is irrelevant. All bar-code readers are linked together on-line: after entering any gate the information is sent instantaneously to all other readers, thereby preventing anyone else using the same ticket from entering through another gate.

Can I just show my ticket using the display on my mobile phone or iPad?

For security reasons this will not be possible – tickets must be printed out.



Translated by Aspena